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"I had taken Sherpa GRE course and Kaplan GRE prep in Arlington, VA, and my GRE scores were stuck at Q141 and V139. Then, I enrolled in MLIC GRE prep in DC, and my scores jumped to Q159 and V154, enough to get me into the anaesthesiology program. MLIC GRE prep works. -- Elaine Johnson, Vienna, VA."

MLIC launches SmarTest® GRE prep course that beats other GRE test preparation programs offered by Kaplan, Princeton Review, Sherpa, Testmasters, Powerscore. The following table shows why MLIC GRE preparation course is the best value for your GRE prep dollars and time. (Typical scores of trainees in our GRE prep courses who validate our GRE Score Guarantee requirements are AWA: 5 Q: 161 and V: 157)
Most GRE prep hours
  • New! Law Schools such as Harvard Law will accept GRE Test Scores in lieu of LSAT scores for admission to their Law programs. Enroll in the best GRE prep course offered by MLIC.
  • MLIC GRE prep offers 32 hours of in-class preparation (including 4 hours of Virtual prep session), the most GRE training hours by any company in the industry.
  • Contrast: Kaplan GRE offers 20 hours, and Princeton Review 24 hours of worthless seminars over 8 prep sessions.
Professional GRE Trainers
  • MLIC employs professional test-takers to teach and train you in GRE assessment areas. Our GRE prep experts are required to take the GRE General Test once each and score in the highest percentiles in each of the three GRE assessment areas.
  • Contrast: Kaplan and Princeton Review GRE courses use part-time students who are GRE Virgins and who may never have taken the official GRE General Test.
Best GRE Prep Modules
  • MLIC GRE prep provides over 200 hours of highly relevant, and frequently updated GRE prep materials reflecting current LIVE emphasis on GRE General Test so that you receive the most relevant, and up-to-date training in GRE assessment areas.
  • Contrast: Kaplan, Sherpa GRE, and Princeton Review all provide stale prep materials that have not been updated to relect the content on current GRE General Test, and which contain made-up questions irrelevant to the types you will come across in current GRE General Test.
  • MLIC GRE Prep courses are backed by industry-leading and unique 310+ GRE Test Score guarantee.
  • Constrst: Kaplan and Princeton Review do not offer a score-specific Guarantee. Kaplan and Princeton Review GRE programs offer a 'score improvement' commitment that does not ensure statistically significant score improvement. if your score in either of the two GRE sections - Quantitative or Verbal - improves by 1 point from your previous official test score of from a mock, meaningless test administered by Kaplan or Princeton Reviw, then you are out of luck. A Statistically significant score improvement will be at least 3 points in each of the two GRE sections, Quantitative and Vebal. Beware of worthless Score improvement policies of Kaplan and Princeton Review.
Best Value for GRE Prep dollars
  • MLIC GRE Prep course Fee is U$1,299, which is $40 per in-class GRE prep hour.
  • Kaplan charges $1,299 for its 20-hour GRE prep, which represents $65 an hour of facetime with a student, unqualified instructor.
  • Princeton Review charges $1,299 for 24-hour GRE course, which represents $55 an hour for irrelevant GRE seminar taught by unqualified Student tutors.
The objective of MLIC GRE prep courses is to train GRE test-takers in all the conceptual, procedural, and strategic areas of the GRE, and make them competent in the high difficulty questions tested in the GRE assessment areas so that the test-takers can shoot for and achieve scores in excess of 330 (combined score in the Verbal and Quantitative sections of the revised GRE General Test), and a score of better than 5.0 in Analytical Writing Assessment.

SmarTest® GRE Prep course offers the best value for your GRE Prep dollars and prep time. Trust the professionals at MLIC GRE for the best, leading GRE preparation: Register in MLIC GRE prep today.

Contact Information
  • MLIC GRE Prep courses Email:
  • MLIC GRE Prep course Hotline: 1 212 682 5000 / 1 888 656 2753
  • MLIC GRE Prep Hotline Overseas: +44 (0) 208 123 5060
Score Guarantee, Structure, Why MLIC GRE is the best, etc.
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Score Guarantee

All MLIC GRE courses are backed by 310+ Score Guarantee. MLIC is confident that its training methodology is so effective that it is willing to back its industry-leading training with GRE Score Guarantee. For Score Guarantee Validation requirements and more information, click Here.

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Course Structure

MLIC GRE prep classes require you to complete 110+ hours of training in 3 distinct phases - 40 hours of pre-course training, 32 hours of in-class training, and 40 hours of post-class training in GRE assessment areas. Click for more info about in-class GRE prep schedule and to learn more about GRE preprogram preparation and GRE post-class training.

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Competition Analysis

MLIC GRE prep easily outclasses Kaplan GRE, Princeton Review, GRE, Powerscore, etc. MLIC provides the best training in GRE assessment areas. Click to read why MLIC GRE Prep courses are the best in the industry.

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MLIC takes its training obligations seriously as revealed in the unsolicited testimonials. MLIC GRE is the best GRE training option to prepare for Graduate Record Examination General test. Click for more testimonials.

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Fee, Registration

MLIC GRE Prep course fee is U$1,299 in U.S.A and Canada. The fee is U$1,695 in London, Europe, and Far East GRE prep centers. Register Here.

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GRE Online Prep

MLIC GRE Online prep course is the industry-leading prep option that includes Virtual Classes hosted in real-time and for small groups of our trainees. Choose Normal Schedule or the Accelerated Schedule. You can pursue the GRE training using your MAC/APPLE computer as well as Windows or Linux based computers, and tablets.Read more about the best GRE Online prep.

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GRE Math Test

MLIC GRE prep provides comprehensive GRE preparation, and trains to be competent in high-difficulty level questions that are critical to getting a high GRE test score. If you want to see whether you are competent to handle high-difficulty level questions in GRE Math section, Dare to take the GRE Math Sample Test.