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MLIC GRE preparation courses and the Online GRE prep course provide the best training in the GRE assessment areas, using the high difficulty questions that are currently LIVE on the GRE. MLIC GRE prep courses use the best training methodology, best training materials, and the best trainers. Our patent-pending CPSD methodology allows us to arm you with the required conceptual and procedural skills in all GRE-relevant areas, and train you to apply works-every-time Strategies required to enhance your test taking effectiveness and competencies. MLIC prep courses require that you complete at least 120 hours of highly relevant training in the GRE assessment areas, and demonstrate your understanding of concepts, procedures, and strategies so that we can determine that you have acquired the conceptual, procedural, and strategic skills required to do well at the high difficulty level of the GRE and so that you can shoot for and reach scores in excess of 325 (Q+V) on the GRE General Test.

MLIC GRE prep courses are backed by 310+ GRE Score Guarantee. On this page, you will read some unsolicited testimonials from our past students whose statements will provide testament to our superior training methodologies, training materials, and the best instructors in the business.

Unsolicited Testimonials - MLIC GRE Prep
The reasons why MLIC GRE prep courses offer the best value for your gre prep dollars and GRE prep time are as follows: (Typical scores of trainees in our GRE prep courses who validate our GRE Score Guarantee requirements are AWA: 5 Q: 161 and V: 157)
  • "I took the MLIC GRE online prep course, and I am stunned and thrilled: I got a 164 in math section! I raised my math from 141 in August to an impressive 164. I can be a spokesperson for your GRE prep program. Thanks! I can't believe it!"
      -- Julie Strate, Fort Collins, CO.
  • "Thank you for a truly great GRE prep course that I attended at New York City. I needed the structure that your course provided, and a good methodology for tackling some of the annoying aspects of the test. For a math-challenged person such as myself, your preprogram math assignment was a journey into uncharted territories but it was all worth the pain in the final analysis. The instructor was a highly trained professional, who made learning interesting and fun. The strategies for the GRE verbal sections were equally helpful. All in all, an awsome experience. I could not have scored 324 (Q163, V161) without your help and guidance. I have no hesitation in recommending MLIC GRE course.
      - Sherry McWherter, New York GRE Turboprep course.GRE Hall of Famer."
  • "I had previously worked through Princeton Review book 'crack the GRE", which was not any use at all. It had a one page strategy for Reading Comprehension that asked the trainee to skim the passages. In contrast, when I signed up to do MLIC GRE course, I knew that I had hit the jackpot: your guides explaining the verbal reasoning sections and reading comprehension were truly outstanding. The anchor-phrase procedure was the best I had worked with, and your file was 100 pages worth of illustrations of this workable strategy. Your math review was the most thorough guide for GRE math. No wonder, my combined GRE score improved from 291 to 322. If you are serious about great GRE score, choose MLIC GRE prep.
       - David Klein, Dallas GRE Turboprep courseGRE Hall of Famer."
  • "I took MLIC GRE prep course and received a score of 327 (math plus verbal scores), sufficient to be admitted to Stanford University. I strongly recommend the MLIC course because the instructor who worked with me was very patient and helped me improve in my areas of weaknesses. Thanks, MLIC, for your excellent GRE prep course.
       - Ify Emelife, Los Angeles GRE prep courseGRE Hall of Famer."
  • "My math score mproved significantly after your training: it went up from 142 (before MLI GRE) to 166(after MLI). What made the difference was your training in areas such as sequences, probability, and testing scenarios for quantitative comparison (which I wasn't doing when I took the test the first time). I also benefited from the list of antonyms and analogies that was provided to me. Some of the analogies and antonyms showed up exactly as they were on the list. Thank you, MLIC. I owe my GRE score to your training.
       - Pamela Shaw, Chicago GRE Turboprep course, GRE Hall of Famer."
  • "I took the GRE three times before enrolling in the MLIC GRE prep course. I had been scoring in the 280's on the GRE before I took the MLIC course. I wanted to improve my math score on the GRE and your GRE prep course certainly helped me in this regard. My math score went up from 145 to 164 after I took the MLIC GRE course. I scored 160 on GRE verbal and a perfect 6.0 in the GRE AWA section. I have no hesitation in rocommending the MLIC prep course for the GRE.
       - Allison Bennett, New York GRE prep course, GRE Hall of Famer."
  • "I had taken the Kaplan GRE prep course before I enrolled in MLIC GRE class, and I can certainly vouch for the excellent value that MLIC course was to me. Firstly, I found the study and training materials of MLIC vastly superior to those given me by Kaplan. Secondly, the teacher at kaplan course was a college freshman who had no idea what GRE was about. In contrast,your instructor was professional, knew the ins and outs of GRE, and was very patient in explaining the concepts and procedures to me and to the others. Last but not least, the instructor was funny and made it enjoyable during those incredibly long hours we had to spend in your classes. All in all, it was well worth the money and effort. I scored 166 on the GRE math and 160 on the GRE verbal section. I am glad I found your course on the Internet.
      --Melissa Long, Chicago GRE Turboprep class."
  • "After aimlessly working on quizzes in Kaplan program, I found your course the best in terms of training me with relevant GRE concepts and strategies. Thank you for helping me get a score of 1460.
       --- Nate Hathaway, St. Louis, MO.
  • "Your web-based lectures and assignment review sessions were the best part of the gre training. Your strategies for verbal sections and your near impossible math tests (that almost gave me headaches daily) helped me improve my combined GRE score from 288 to 328. Your gre program works. Thanks a million."
       -- Josh Nolan, Denver, Colorado
  • "When I took the Princton Review GRE Online course, I was helplessly working on some web-based tests. I enrolled in the MLIC GRE Online course and benefitted greatly from personalized support and telephonic interactions. I scored 162 (verbal) and 165 (GRE math) after the MLIC Course. I strongly recommend MLIC GRE course."
       - - Karen Barton, Topeka, Kansas.
  • " I greatly benefited from the Virtual GRE review sessions I had with my instructor and her supervisor. Your strategies for selecting answers in RC and your notes providing the most recent vocabulary tested on the GRE's were awsome. I am applying for admission to the political science program at Columbia University that requires a quantitative score of at least 163. After I took MLI course, my GRE math score improved from 153 to 167. I owe MLIC my admission to my dream school, Columbia.
       -- Jessica Borges, Albany, NY.
  • "I got a 165 on the GRE math and an 164 on the GRE verbal, with an AWA score of 5.5. Thanks very much for your excellent GRE prep course, and I'll recommend your GRE prep class stridently to anyone who will listen. All the best, Jeremy.
        - Jeremy Harrington, SINGAPORE GRE prep course, GRE Hall of Famer."
  • "I took your GRE prep class in New York City during July 2015 and made a GRE math Score of 166, GRE Verbal score of 160, and an AWA Score of 5.5. Thank you for your amazing GRE review course. Your GRE prep course is the best.-
        -- Rebecca Barton, New York GRE prep course, GRE Hall of Famer."
  • Be Wise. Choose MLIC GRE prep and embark on the training that will give you the skills and competencies required to score in the 320's.
MLIC GRE PREP COURSES best other prep courses because they are backed by industry-leading Score Guarantee, and use the best Course Structure, and train you with questions reflecting the LIVE EMPHASIS seen on the currently administered GRE General Test. Register in the industry-leading MLIC GRE Prep courses and get set for scores of better than 325 on the GRE General Test. Click HERE to learn more about the best Online prep course for the GRE General Test offered by MLIC.
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